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Improving Communication in the Workplace

Having a strong workforce and excellent company culture are two things that keep productive teams running at full speed, but the way teams communicate with one another plays an even more important role in the workplace. This is especially important when it comes to managers and how they communicate with their teams.

Good managers, also are great communicators. Trying to execute a strategy can be a waste of time if you are not able to connect with members of your team. As a manager, you should be able to bring inspiration and encouragement to the table which gives your employees confidence that you believe in their abilities and communicate honest feedback.

Here are three important strategies to keep in mind when working towards improving communication skills as a manager:

Know Who You Are Talking To

Every workplace is made up of a unique mix of people. Speaking to a company that has 1,000 or more employees is a lot different than trying to communicate to a small office that has about 50. As a manager, you need to be able to gauge the needs of your staff and be able to tailor your communication in accordance with whom you are speaking to.

A good example of this is the mix of different generations who now are working together at companies. Some employees might prefer to have emails sent to them with the monthly all-hands meeting, while others prefer to have more frequent face-to-face communication with the occasional positive message letting them know they are doing a great job.


There is probably nothing more frustrating to an employee than feeling as though they are not being heard. Your employees need to know that anything they tell you will be taken seriously when something is on their mind or they come to you with a question or concern. If during the conversation, you are the one doing all of the talking, then it might be difficult for you to hear them out.

Provide the employee with your full undivided attention. Be careful not to start trying to create a response to their concerns, but focus on their words and body language.

Make Yourself Available

With today’s advances in technology and a vast amount of employees now working remotely, the phrase “my door is always open” takes on a new meaning. There are many ways for teams to practice an open door policy in terms of communication. Utilize technology to your advantage and provide employees with multiple ways to communicate with you. This could mean having an instant messaging software installed on each employees work stations or even an open online forum available for employees to ask questions and you answer. Most important of all, allow employees to contact you via phone or cell phone should they have a concern on their mind.


The power of words can often be taken for granted. Some of the biggest setbacks companies face can easily have been resolved if some basic communication was practiced. Putting these strategies into place will help build your employees confidence and let them know that their words and feelings are important.

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