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Interview Tips That Will Help Change Your Approach

You have taken the time to fine tune your resume, answered countless job ads with cover letter after cover letter, and have optimized your social media presence so that it showcases your abilities and qualifications. Now that you are receiving requests for interviews, it is time to get a better understanding of how to make that job interview a successful one.

Here are 7 interview tips that will help you change the way you approach the job interview.

Do Your Research

Going into a job interview without knowing much about the company, the position, or those conducting the interview is like walking out of the house without a jacket and umbrella when it is going to rain. Being a job seeker, you should take the time to research and understand this information. The more you research and do your homework, the more prepared you will feel when answering the questions you are asked. The internet is filled with many great online search tools to help you gather this information.

Make a List of Standard Interview Questions and Prepare How You Will Answer Them

It’s best to start this process by simply using a paper and pen. Start by writing down questions you have been asked in previous interviews and then reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter to see what type of interview you should expect. Will the interview be held in a group setting? Is it a one-on-one interview? Will you be interviewed by a panel made up of several members of the organization? Once you gather this information, you will be able to gauge what kind of questions you will be asked and prepare clear responses. Tie your responses to the questions in a way which you can respond to them in a story. This will help you get your answer across without sounding too rehearsed.

Be Honest

When interviewing, you are developing a relationship with your potential employer. Be genuine and honest; don’t avoid answering difficult questions you don’t understand. Instead, ask if they can elaborate on the question so you can gain a better understanding of it. If you don’t have a certain qualification or skill, then say so. It’s much better to be honest then to pretend you meet certain qualifications when you don’t. If you find yourself in this situation, try talking about qualifications and skills you have that relate to the position.

Dress to Match Your Resume

When you submit your resume, you are painting a picture with words of who you are and what you have to offer. This starts to form their overall vision of you. Making sure you show up to the interview dressed to match what you have said about yourself on paper is key to making this connection. Take the time to think this through when choosing that interview outfit.

Arrive on Time

One of the easiest factors to control when going in for an interview is being on time. Make sure you get a solid confirmation of where the interview is going to be held, the time your interview is going to be at, and if there are any special steps you need to take before your interview. Is there a security check point you need to check in at? Do you need to park in certain lot? Make sure you set your alarm and get plenty of sleep the night before. Don’t forget, to be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late.

Ask Questions

You have spent the last hour doing great on your interview. You dressed to match your resume, you did your research on the company, you showed up on time, and felt confident with the answers you provided to all of the questions asked. The last thing you will be asked is, “do you have any questions?” This moment is crucial with helping those who are interviewing you make their decision. Asking a really good question can really show them that you have done your research and are really interested in the job you are interviewing for.

Offer Thanks

Securing an interview is a big step in your job search. While sending follow up emails or letters thanking a potential employer may not get you the job, it will definitely put you ahead of those who did not take the time to do so. Get this started before leaving the interview by thanking each person who interviewed you.

The job interview should be considered a big deal. Taking time to research and prepare will help you through the process. A successful interview can open many doors and help make the life changing event of starting a new job great one.

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