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Resume Review Tips

Before moving onto the interview process, you’ll want to make sure your time is efficiently spent by interviewing the candidates who meet qualifications you are looking for in your next employee. In-person interviews can be expensive and time consuming; that is why eliminating the resumes of candidates who do not fit the requirements of the job can help save time and money. Here are some tips you can use to work through that large pile of resumes sitting in your inbox and find your next hire fast.

Get a Head Start with Your Job Description

Set yourself up for success by starting the resume review process with a job description that lays out the specific requirements you are looking for in an applicant.

Include minimum requirements such as:

  • Education level

  • Minimum amount of work experience you are looking for

  • Special requirements (e.g. bilingual, certifications, etc.)

You will use the job description as a resource to help guide you as you look through each resume. Move only the ones which meet the requirements to the next step.

Don’t Get Distracted

While reviewing each resume, adhere to the criteria you have set and stay focused on matching these qualifications as you go through each resume. At this point, don’t pay attention to information that is not related to the job description such as the candidate address, email, or name.

A good tip to help with this is to take a post it note to cover up the candidate’s contact information and use a highlighter or pen to check off key requirements that match up with the job description.

Divide and Conquer

Create three groups.

  • Will Interview – Candidates whose skills and qualifications match closest to that of the skills and qualifications of the job description.

  • Possible Interview – Candidates whose skills might not match exactly to what you are looking for, but are still worth interviewing due to certain experience they have.

  • No Interview – Candidates whose skills and qualifications are not up to par with the skills and qualifications of this particular job you are looking to hire for.

As you are going through resumes, place each into the appropriate group taking a second look at resumes that are in the possible interview category. This will ensure there are no resumes in this group that have been overlooked for the specific job you are hiring for, and will allow you to get a second look at candidate resumes which may meet qualifications for other needs you might have.

Once you have the resumes of the candidates you want to interview narrowed down to the best ones, it is time to start the interview process.


As an employer, you want to make sure your time is well spent and that quality candidates who fit the requirements of the job you are hiring for are interviewed. By following these tips, you will be able to make reviewing resumes an organized and streamlined process.

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