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What Recruiters Do

So you are looking for a job. You have spent countless hours on job search sites looking at what kind of work is out there, and have submitted numerous resumes to be considered for various positions. No matter what you have done, it seems like it takes forever to get a call back from someone even if it is just to thank you for filling out their job application.

Until one day, you decide to put your resume on a job site in order for people to find you, and depending on your skills or qualifications, you may be contacted by a recruiter. It feels great to finally have someone reach out to you instead of spending hours in front of a computer filling out applications and submitting them.

So What Exactly Does a Recruiter Do?

The very first thing you should know about recruiters is that their main focus is to find people jobs. They do this by assisting candidates with their resumes and preparing them for interviews. Think of a recruiter as an extension of your job search.

Recruiters can be a great resource during your job search, and yet there are many job seekers who have no idea of what a recruiter does, how they can help you, and how you can best work with them. Although there are several types of recruiters, the process and mechanics of recruiting remain the same.

Recruiters work to gain a deep understanding of what you are looking for in a position. This often starts with an interview to take an inventory of your skills. They want to make sure they can match you with a position that is the perfect fit. Once they have this understanding, they will begin to utilize their networks in order to target specific companies where you would prefer to work. It makes your job search a lot more efficient.

On the other hand, recruiters might be helping a company look for candidates who might be a fit for a specific position they have open. In this case, a recruiter will take a look at candidates they have formed a relationship with to see if their skills and qualifications fit the bill. The great thing is as you might continue to search for a job on your own, your recruiter will continue to work on your behalf in finding you a position.

Another main focus of a recruiter is to make sure you have everything you need once you secure an interview. Information on the time your interview will take place, the location, and who you will be meeting with are all things your recruiter will help prepare you for.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of what a recruiter does is following up with you. Once your interview is completed, recruiters have systems in place to collect and process feedback from both you and the hiring company. This allows them to let you know how well you did on the interview as well as the status of your application.


Having a recruiter on your side during your job search can make the whole process a lot more efficient. Recruiters are responsible for helping both organizations and job seekers find the perfect match! resulting in long-lasting and satisfactory employer and employee relationships.

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