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Getting Back Into The Workforce After Being Unemployed

Finding employment after being let go from a job can be quite difficult. Periods of unemployment can often raise red flags by hiring managers. If you are meeting with a potential employer for the first time or taking part in an in-person interview, these employment gaps will be brought up at some point. So how do you approach these situations with confidence? How do you managed to get back in the workforce after being unemployed?

Unemployment does not have to bring your confidence down. Instead, take your unemployment and turn it into a golden opportunity to showcase your abilities and land your dream job.

Start By Leveraging Your Resume

Take a minute to think outside of the box when putting together your resume. Focus on creating a resume that focuses on showcasing all of your positive accomplishments that were achieved at past employers. Included any recognition's and awards you received. If there are specific skills you possess that align with that of the job you are applying for, take the time to match up those skills in order to position yourself as the ideal candidate.

Be Honest and Upfront

One of the worst mistake many job seekers make when talking about their unemployment history is lying about it. If asked about certain aspects of your unemployment, be upfront and truthful. If there is anything negative in your unemployment history, then it is best to keep this to a minimum. Focus on any positive experiences you had with past employers and be sure to mention anything you have done to better yourself while being unemployed. The bottom line here is to be as honest as possible and remain positive.

Get Yourself Out There

It is important to remain active during a period of unemployment. Take the time to attend networking and speaking events that pertain to your industry. You want to ensure you are making the most of your time by furthering your education or expanding your network. When you are asked what you did during your period of unemployment, you can explain to the hiring manager that you did more than just search for a job.

Remain Positive

No matter what situation you were in before, there more than likely are some positive relationships that were created from your last employers. A future employer might be able to use a contact from a former company you worked for to get a positive reference. If they are able to do so, then your unemployment gap will become less important to the hiring manager.


It’s not easy having to deal with an employment gap in your work history, but you can take some simple steps to help place yourself in a good position for your next career.

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