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How to Handle Getting Rejected From A Job

You’ve spent countless hours preparing resumes, submitting job applications, and sitting through numerous interviews. As you made it past each step of the job hunting process, your confidence grew and grew, that is until you get the call that you’ve been rejected from a job.

Receiving a call like this can put a dent in your confidence as well as your job search and ultimately affect your ability to just brush it off and continue on your job search.

So how exactly should one handle being rejected from a job?

Use It to Your Advantage

Take the time to look back on this particular experience and take note of anything you wish you would have done differently through the whole process. Were there any opportunities that you missed? (i.e. did you not follow up on certain items? During the interview, were there certain things you could have done differently?) Take any feedback that you might have received during an interview and apply it to future interviews.

Don’t Take it Personal

It is very easy to let job rejection get the best of you and become angry. Avoid talking bad about the employer and potentially ruining any chance of being hired by them in the future. Social media makes it really easy to go off on a rant that thousands of eyes will see. Keep in mind just because you were not chosen for this position, doesn’t mean you might be a perfect fit for another opportunity the company might have available now or in the future. You don’t want to burn any bridges.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up

Rejection is a hard thing to deal with, and naturally it can cause many to give up. Don’t! Instead, turn rejection into more opportunities. Invite the individuals you interviewed with to become part of your network on social media sites such as LinkedIn. This could help you turn this jobs rejection into a possible interview for another position. Take notes of everything you did in this job search and see how you can make any changes to what you do in future job searches.


No matter what, the most important thing you must do if you are rejected from a job is to brush yourself off, stand up proud, and continue your job search. Instead of using rejection as an excuse to not continue with your job search, use it as motivation to help you break out in front of the pack and move on to your next career.

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