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How To Handle Bad Employee Reviews Online

You’ve worked hard to build up your company’s reputation, you have done everything in your power to make sure all your employees are engaged and have everything they need to be successful.

When an issue comes up, you are always quick to resolve it and keep everyone happy. So what do you do when you jump online to sites like Indeed or Glassdoor and see a bad review left about your organization?

How do you handle this?

Here are some things your company can do if you ever find yourself faced with a bad review

Respond to Reviews

A big mistake that most companies make when faced with a bad review is that they don’t make any effort to respond to them and will only take the time to respond to positive reviews. Taking the time to respond to both negative and positive reviews shows people that you are committed to improving and welcome any type of feedback. One thing to try when responding to negative reviews is to address the public instead of individual directly.

Create an Internal System

One of the many reasons an employee will choose to go onto one of these sites and leave a bad review is because they might feel their voice is not being heard internally or there is no outlet available where they can voice their concerns. Take the time to create a system where employees can express their concerns internally before they choose to take them outside of the company.

This can be as simple as having an open door policy where employees should not feel intimated speaking with a manager or as elaborate as creating an intranet that has a method for employees to submit a form that is seen only by management.

Look To Your Team

Take the time to reach out to your current team and new employees. Encourage them to leave comments on things such as the application process and work experiences with your organization on these review sites. Not only will this help improve how you look on these review sites, but encouraging employees to visit them and take action will let them know you welcome their comments.


Spend some time browsing through these review sites to see if there is already data you can use to take action on. Take a look at your competitors’ profiles on these pages, to see how they go about responding to reviews people left them, and then try applying what you learn on your company’s page. If you already have reviews people have left you, there is no time better than now to get started on responding to them.


Bad employee reviews can often show up when you least expect them, but having a game plan in place on how to address them can help you overcome any setbacks they may cause you. Focus on improving your positive reviews and that will help to take the sting out of any negative ones that show up.

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