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Creating A Process That Is Aimed At Helping You Love Your Candidates

Finding the right candidate who has an extraordinary amount of potential can be a daunting task. If you find this to be common with almost every candidate you have interviewed, then you might consider taking a second look at your recruiting process.

Recruiting the right candidate is a fine balance between art and science, but any would agree that is it mostly science.

Here are some things you can do in order to optimize your recruiting process:

Make Your Company Identity Clear

What does your company stand for? If you cannot answer this question almost immediately and confidently, then chances are that it is making your recruitment efforts even more difficult. Think of it as shopping for a new car but not having the slightest idea of the type of features you are looking for.

  • What to do: Familiarize yourself with your company’s culture. Understand what the company values are, what the organization values about their staff and how they play a part in running the day to day business. This will give you a solid understanding of what type of candidates to look for when recruiting.

Allow Your Job Description to Work for You

Yes, job descriptions have changed over the years to include information that will look attractive to job seekers, but if you are over exaggerating a job description and making it look like it is more than it really is, you are setting the candidate, yourself, and your company up for failure. Having an accurate job description is key to attracting the talent that is right for that job.

  • What to do: Let your job descriptions work for you by being as real as possible when listing out the duties and job responsibilities. Being honest upfront will ensure that you only interview candidates who are genuinely interesting in the role you posted and allow you to avoid any surprises during the interview.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Imagine only being given an expected hiring date, title, and salary by a manager who needs to fill a role within their department. If you were to start a search for candidates based on this information alone, you could be walking into a heap of trouble. In order to make the best possible fit for your organization, you want to make sure you have clear understanding of what the manager expects out of their employees as well as the parameters of the role.

  • What to do: Schedule some time to sit down and talk with the manager and get more specific details on the position. Let them know that you want to ensure that you present them only the best candidates who are fit for the role and doing so requires more information. Make sure to gather enough details on the position to feel confident that you completely understand their expectations. Doing this will save time for both you and the manager.


Being able to adjust what is not working is key in your search for the next great employee. Simply being complacent in your current approach might cause you to miss out on some great candidates. Don’t be afraid of making adjustments if something it not working in your current recruiting process. The job marketing is constantly changing.

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