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Good Luck Finding an Accountant!

The climate for hiring today is much different than it was a few years back. The low unemployment rate has created a low supply of Tax Accountants, Tax Managers, Bookkeepers and Staff Accountants available to fill the high number of open Accounting and Finance positions. Accounting professionals now have more choices than they ever had before.

The reality is you have more competition than ever before when it comes to finding the talent you need. Unemployment for Accounting and Finance is sitting at 2.3 percent, well below the average for all industries. With the current labor shortage in the country, more CPA Firms are having difficulty finding revenue generating accountants.

What's Your Recruitment Strategy?

In this job market where the supply of qualified accounting professionals does not meet the demand, CPA firms are having to reconsider their hiring strategies and dedicate more time and resources towards finding qualified talent to fill these roles. Accountants who possess the top skills can expect to be at the top of the list for many CPA Firms.

What will your recruitment strategy be when your business picks up and you find yourself in need of top qualified accounting talent?

What if your firm had access to qualified accounting professionals that possess top technical and soft skills who are ready to help you grow revenue immediately?

Let us introduce you to someone...

OfficeWorks would love to help you prepare for your growth! Our team of highly experienced search and placement experts will work directly with you to help you identify the perfect professional for your CPA firm.

Find your next revenue generating employee with us today 1.877.463.3123

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