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Preparing Your CPA Firm for Growth

In an economy that has been on the rise for more than nine years, consumer's assessment of present-day conditions are improving, suggesting that economic growth is still going strong. Boosted by a surge in consumer spending and business investment, GDP has accelerated to a 4.1 percent pace of growth in the second quarter, which is the quickest it has grown since the third quarter of 2014 and the third-best growth rate seen since the Great Recession.

With more small business due to emerge because of the economic growth, there is a greater demand for CPA firms to provide accounting services. According to the NFIB, “reports of employment gains remain strong among small businesses with owners reporting adding a net 0.19 workers per firm on average. “ Do you have enough accountants in your firm to support new business you should be expecting?

Getting Ready for Growth

Many CPA firms are adding more accountants to their team to prepare for revenue growth with new clients, with some looking to increase their staff by hiring internally or utilizing search and placement firms. What is your hiring plan? The slowly shrinking talent pool of qualified candidates means that firms are having to fight for that talent and accounting and finance positions are becoming more difficult to fill as the need arises. Chances are, when you go to hire for your next role, you will feel the impact of the current market trends. With today's supply and demand economics, for every Tax Accountant looking for a job, there are over 3 companies actively pursuing them. This means that your competition will be competing for the same qualified professional as you.

What if your firm had access to qualified professionals that your competitors do not? Let us introduce you to someone...

OfficeWorks would love to help you prepare for your growth! Our team of highly experienced search and placement experts will work directly with you to help you identify the perfect professional for your CPA firm.

Find your next revenue generating employee with us today 1.877.463.3123

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