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What Will You Do When Other CPA Firms Steal Your Best Employees?

The battle for qualified accounting professionals is tougher than it has ever been before. One of the best places to find top performing and qualified candidates is with competition, and your competitors know this! Your Firm consists of some of the most intelligent and talented Accounting Professionals and chances are that with the growth your competition is seeing, they are looking to expand their team. The bottom line is, if you have good staff, other people will be interested in employing them.

Why Are They Going After My Employees?

There are many reasons a competitor will look to your firm to fill their next role. These reasons include:

  • They want to know how your firm operates, and what better way of accomplishing that than stealing your best revenue generating accountants!

  • Your stolen employee gives your competitor a higher probability of gaining new clients.

  • They are looking to increase their pool of talent immediately.

When a competitor tries to steal your employees, it will cause your firm's performance to dip. While you spend the extra time and resources on recruiting and on-boarding replacements, your competition will continue to grow. Recruiting top talent is not an easy task and no leader of a CPA Firm wants to lose their top revenue generating employees to competitors or have to experience a drop in performance.

What Will You Do When Other CPA Firms Steal Your Best Employees?

What if your firm had access to qualified accounting professionals that your competitors do not?

Let us introduce you to someone...

OfficeWorks would love to help you prepare for your growth! Our team of highly experienced search and placement experts will work directly with you to help you identify the perfect professional for your CPA firm.

Find your next revenue generating employee with us today 1.877.463.3123

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